Saturday, 28 June 2014

Perfumes Love!

Hi! I'm back with a quick post about ...Perfumes!
I received these 2 samplers of the new Versace's and Richmond's fragrances.
Well, I'm a Dior addict about perfumes, but try doesn't hurt!
I took the samplers with me in my last trip, they're pretty practical!

The first is Versace's Bright Crystal Absolu, and the second one is X by Richmond.

I have to say that i loved them both! I prefer the Versace one, but they're both wearable fragrances, no excesses, nothing "strong" that someone's nose can't stand! LOL
I'll keep going with Dior perfumes, but if you're looking for some new ones, check this 2 out!
Lots Of Love!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Healthy Breakfast!

Hello Lovelies!
Today I want to share with you an easy, healty, and great breakfast idea, that i saw on YouTube! It's quick&easy but yummy! Ready?

All you need is:

*1 Banana
*Yogurt (I choose Vanilla flavour!)

All you have to do is:

Cut the banana into slices, and then just add, in a big glass:

1 spoon of yogurt
1 spoon of banana's slices
1 spoon of oats

Untill you fill the glass! And that's it!
Lots Of Love

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

ROMWE Iridescent Look!!

Get The ROMWE Iridescent Look!!
ROMWE Colorful Print Sleeveless Dress
$14.99, start on 1am 5th June GMT, 24 hours only, limited in 300 pieces.
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It will recover to $30.99 6th June.
So if you want to be the iridescent girl, don’t miss out! 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

DIY: Rings Holder

Hello lovelies!
Some DIY today! I found this idea on youtube, and I really love it, cause it's super easy and simple to do, and it only take less than 10 minutes! Check it out

That's the link of the video I watched.. PinkSoFoxy

Get inspired! You can find a lots of projects on this youtuber's channel, so take a look!
I decided to take some picture of my "making", so you can see how versatile this project is! I used this beautiful wooden box, it looks perfect for my rings!

Hope you enjoy it! Hope you'll have fun making your super personalized rings holder, and please send me pictures if you'll do it!! :))
Lots Of Love!

ROMWE Boho Paisley Romper!

I LOVE this boho romper from ROMWE! The paisly pattern is awesome!!

You can have it for an amazing price!
Only $11.99, on May 29th, starting at 1:00AM(GMT), 24 hours ONLY!
You will save 57%.
Free shipping worldwide.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

ROMWE Dior & Rose print t-shirt!!

And you can also WIN an iPhone cover by Romwe!! Check it out..

 Dior & Roses Print T-shirt:
$9.99, start on 1:00 am(GMT) 22nd May GMT, 24 hours only.
500 pieces limited.
Special gift -- Iphone5/5s case with Dior&Rose Printed will be sent out randomly to 100 lucky customers.
Free shipping worldwide, shipped in 24 hours!

It will recover to $24.99 23rd May.

Don’t miss out, girls!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

[POST-TAG]: TV Series!

Hello everyone!
On YouTube i always see these "video tag" and i really like them! So i decide to put them "on paper" and make a "post-tag" version of those :D
So let's start with this first TAG, that i found amazing!
We're talking about TV SERIES!
 Here 20 questions about tv series and its! Hope you'll enjoy it, and do the same tag on your blog!! Let me know if you do!!

Q. What is the first series you've ever watched?
A. Definitely Roswell! I rember when it was on tv! I was a kid!

Q. Favourite 90's series?
A. Again..Roswell! And Buffy! But they both started at the end of 90s so, so I pick another one..Beverly Hill 90210!

Q. Favourite 2000's series?
A. No doubt, The O.C.!

Q. Favourite ongoing series?
A. That's a diffucult question!! I have to say The Vampire Diaries, Glee, and Hart Of Dixie. I CAN'T CHOOSE!! Oh, i almost forgot Game Of Thrones!!

Q. Favourite series creator?
A. Probably Leila Gerstein, creator of Hart Of Dixie, because it's a nice and show, it put's me in a good mood, and never make me anxious!!!

Q. Most hated series creator?
A. I have to say Pretty Little Liars's one..I love the show, really do! But now they're pushing it too far!

Q. Favourite series couple?
A. That's easy..Buffy & Angel, and Liz & Max from Roswell!

Q. Who's your series crush?
A. My first one was Michael from Roswell! <3 But after him, definitely Finn Hudson from Glee (Cory is always on our thoughts..), and George from Hart Of Dixie. They are my top 3!

Q. Best and worst series finale?
A. The best for me was Roswell's finale! And the worst..mmmmh, i have to say Gossip Girl's one, because it was so obvious..It didn't left me satisfied!

Q. Who should have stopped?
A. Definitely 90210, the "second generation" of Beverly Hill..! At first it was nice, but then they started to create absurde situations..No.

Q. Best pilot episode?
A. Roswell's pilot was very good! And also Pretty Little Liars one!

Q. Cancellation that broke your heart?
A. Secret Circle's and Ravenswood's definitely make me sad! And also Privileged's cancellation, i liked that show!

Q. Favourite character?
A. Zoe Hart for Hart of Dixie, Daenerys from Game Of Thrones, and Elena from The Vampire Diaries! Right now they are my absolutely favourites!

Q. Actor that no matter what role plays, will always remain the same character?
A. That is not because she's not good enough, ABSOLUTELY NOT! But for me Rachel Bilson will always be Summer Roberts!!

Q. Do you prefer to see the TV series week to week or all the episodes together?
A. Well, it depends.. Some series are very good watched all at once, it's like a never ending movie *-* So i'd love to do that! But i guess i can't wait for do that with every series! Lol I'm too curious!! Sometimes I wait for 3 or 4 episodes to come out, and I watch them all together..That's my best!

Q. The series you are most looking forward to?
A. Right now Hart Of Dixie and Glee!

Q. Series that makes you laugh?
A. I don't have to think about this question.. Don't Trust The B***h In Apartment 23 is the greatest laughs maker!! Awesome!

Q. Series that makes you cry?
A. One Tree Hill and Glee make me cry all the time! Maybe i'm too emotional! But they're good at it, i promise!

Q. What character looks like you the most?
A. I'd like to think that Zoe Hart is my series' version! But actually she really has a personality like mine!

Q. Have you ever cried for an episode?
A. Of course! But i've never cried like i did for 5x03 Glee's episode..

Q. Which series you just can not watch?
A. Breaking Bad! Everyone loves it, but i really don't like it!!